The Girl With the Sparkling Eyes (Episode-1)


She was absolutely sure that her life has taken one giant leap, not just for the better, but for the best.

Saanvi Mathur had been sweating and slogging, living and dying for this moment since God knows when. The International Chamber Of Salient Entrepreneurs or the I.C.O.S.E. (pronounced as I-Cose), and the life henceforth,  was her dream. Her one dream she secretly nurtured, one dream she never let go of, the one dream she always carried in her sparkling eyes. It was her private stargaze.

It was something that we all conceive at some point of time in our lives but try to forget as a childish fantasy. It could be the childhood dream of becoming the coolest man on earth or being richer than Richie Rich or becoming the first astronaut to land on Mars or possibly fostering a wish of becoming the next big Superhero who saves the world and wins the girl.

However her fantasy was different in one way. She knew that it was a fantasy but she also knew that it could be realised. She had always had unwavering faith in this one, single fact, and what was more, her unbounded faith had finally been rewarded. She had received the Confirmation Mail from ICOSE that she had made it to the ‘Novice Bench-2012’ of their chamber. It was the most fitting and an absolutely direct key to a lock which almost every young entrepreneur of her age was trying to pry open through not just keys but chisels and levers and hammers and everything else. It was a spotlighted debut on the International Stage of World Class Business leaders.

Ergo her induction was a huge achievement not just for her, but for the people of her state as well as the ICOSE inducts only 20-25 people every two years or so as permanent members for their hierarchical benches. Her lambent resume, her circumstantial logistics, wit and lively charm had paved her way to ace her C.C. It was a call for magnificent celebrations. Her family could not stop beaming despite of their initial misgivings of the idea of her becoming a full-time entrepreneur. The party was an opulent affair. However the girl of the moment was not even present in the jubilation. She had quietly slipped off after exchanging warm pleasantries with everyone while her family got busy in entertaining the guests. As Saanvi went further and further from home, the tunes of her and her father’s favorite Kenny G’s tracks became less conspicuous until they were completely gone. She had escaped to the peaceful banks of the holy Ganges. It was a beautiful sight. The lights from the lamps above shivered on the water along with a full-moon. A soothing summer breeze blew and the mighty Ganges flew with great assertion, producing a forceful but divine music. The river was unaccompanied, and so was Saanvi.  It was here that she needed to carefully imagine what her near future was going to be like. She required some time alone.

She had always heard that sometimes things turn out to be better than you could ever imagine, better than you could have ever expected. How much she wished it could come true now, as she was about to leave for U.S.A. for a 40-days training programme called ‘Innovative Frequencies’ under the biggest, the most successful businessmen of the world.

She expected a mind-boggling series of workshops but she also thought that it could be something totally unexpected as well, as this is the way with entrepreneurs. You never know what you could get out of them, and this unexpected fun was what she loved most about the life of, and around instinctive businessmen.  She simply could not stop imagining how it would be to discuss her ideas of revolutionizing the world with the most influential humans of the time. As this thought crossed her mind, she grinned smugly which then instantly turned into a humbled smile. While staring at the flickering lights in the water, she tried to imagine the campus; the set-up of Innovative frequencies. She guessed that the campus would be a perfect mix of wonderfully lighted skyscrapers flashing the hugest plasma screens, and exotic lush greenery. She was expecting and imagining her entire existence in the-time-to-come not as a hallucinatory episode but something based on the premises of her C.C. Her C.C. had rendered her expectations to be based on firm foundations that everything she knows would cease to exist the way she perceives it after the ICOSE would have done its job on her. She started to recall what they had really said to her word for word…

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The Intertwined Threads Of Life

She was standing tall near the ivory fountain of her magnificent garden, breathing in the beauty of colours, and nature’s miracles she loved so much; the green, velvet grass under her bare feet; the smell of daffodils and roses mixed with the scent of wet soil filling up the air and, the occasional chirps of tiny little birds in harmony with the sploshing sounds from the fountain under a vast but cloudy sky. She cherished the moment, its every component; and she cherished holding the hand of her beloved, tickling it lightly, as she took in everything she possibly could. They looked at each other and found home in each other’s caring eyes. As she breathed in, jubilation caught her, rendering her spirits anew.

She firmed the grip on her husband’s hand out of love and moved closer to the basin of the fountain to study her own reflection. Her face was wrinkled just a bit, her hair turning grey from the sides. She did not repent it; rather, she smiled as she marveled where she was. She remembered amusingly that in her late teens and early twenties she could not even have imagined herself in grey hair. She closed her rather sparkling eyes and consequentially, dug into the memories of her past on her own…

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