As I gazed upon the infinite ocean

Amidst thunderclaps; searching for a horizon

The waves washed my footprints away

Perhaps into oblivion

Or otherwise; I would never know

For I would never live to see

But they say that our thoughts are stretched into eternity

I was taught to walk on pebbles; shifting, sliding sand

by hands that held me well

But would I ever be able to sprint on it?

I surprisingly and incessantly dwell

The jewels of wisdom were scattered below me

Mixed with pebbles that pierced hard

And I bent with simultaneous pain and joy

Hoping to somehow sieve them apart

But for the first time ever, light said to me “Wait!”

“Think my child whether you are really ready yet”

I couldn’t fathom what it meant

But I had come to know better and

Took its word there and then

The strong stream of winds bent me,

Humbled me to the core

And the thundering light where the horizon should be

Stirred emotions unexplored

Grey clouds had consumed the dark green hilltops

Not far from me

And two rainbows rose from the earth

What a sight to see!

But I think the clouds blurred the mountain’s vision

Just as circumstances had blurred mine

I fell in the clutch of fate, O Lord!

Guide me to set it right

How could one really become wise?

I pondered over earnestly

Alas! They were the things I feared

Mistakes, toil, misjudgement, pressure, unobtrusive subtlety

The storm was slowly settling in

Both outside and within

And out of the clouds two stars appeared

Happy and ever together

Neither very far, nor very near

They were intimate

That I could see

As they were blinking and twinkling in rhythms

In beautiful, musical harmony

I wondered how my life looked from up there

I wondered how it could and couldn’t be

Unbelievably the stars replied

In wondrous, melodious voice

“Do away with your conflicts! Do away!”

“Gain a little perspective, that’s all we have to say”

“What is the Earth, you and your life from such a great distance away?

A tiny thing of beauty!

Delicate and wonderful

A tiny thing of beauty!”

And I understood what the stars were trying to say

the great distance between us was actually perspective

Righteous perspective that I keep losing in the way

The stars smiled kindly at me

And induced calm everywhere

They said in duet “As long as you learn from them,

You are allowed to make mistakes my dear!”

I was slightly relieved in my heart, where guilt was also there

This was the one thing that

I truthfully, honestly craved to hear

Suddenly the stars shone brighter; brighter than they ever did

And I fixed my eyes upwards in anticipation

Then waited, and waited

Slowly the sky became a magnificent stage for music and cosmic rhythm

Urging me on! Fearless! Urging me to shine with ‘em

I looked back timidly, looked at the bumpy path I had trodden

And beautiful, powerful memories surged in my heart

Memories that I had intentionally forgotten

And these keepsakes somehow got synchronized with the urge of the starlights

Music and strength was everywhere

I had never seen such a miracle right in front of my eyes

The stars with all their light and love conveyed to me

“Keep awake or you’ll miss the sunrise

Life goes on, my child! Dawn is coming

So keep awake or you’ll miss the sunrise”


Cry Of A Mother

It was nearly twilight…

I was sitting quietly…

Sipping my coffee, a novel in hand…

No concern with the world, apart; but then…

A news-reader’s voice snapped, sharp..

Terror had struck yet again…

People had died, all in vain…

I watched quietly as horror engulfed those there

And anger welled up inside everyone who was elsewhere…

Yet again families stood devastated, helpless and bewildered under the moon…

Lamenting the loss of those they had once lovingly and dearly known…

A mother stood not far from the site…

In a dirty, patched saree, plain white…

Her teary eyes questioned everyone…

“Where is my son…

Tell me, where is my son”…

No one in the vicinity dared to reply..

That her son had actually died…

She howled in the darkening, purple night…

Give me my son or I shall fight…

She could see through the false promises the leaders made…

All had just been said, nothing done; she felt betrayed…

She fell to the floor; her grief too great to bear…

Compressing her from each side; as the cold wind blew up her hair…

Despite her grim plight…

She gathered up all her courage, all her might…

She rose again, a resolution in her mind…

“I will change the world, I will change the world”, she cried…

She cried and challenged the darkest night…

To her surprize, she saw dawn was already here, she smiled…

She cried and then again, she smiled…

     By: Snigdha Srivastava

(In memory of those who have lost their lives in the barbaric terrorist attacks in India and a homage and salute to those who are fighting against terrorism with all the spirit in the world; God bless them all)