The Escape

The nature of art is is not just beautiful, it’s complicated, contentious, deeply emotional. It’s capable of giving you wings. Art propounds not that which is superficial, not that which is obvious but that which is almost always unsaid between two lovers, two friends; between families.

It stems from the love , the pain, the laughter that moves inwards; the happiness that makes the best of memories. It’s an expression unlike any other, it’s almost always the truth.

It’s an escape that everybody craves for but very few get. The escape that makes life worthwhile. The silent escapes from where hopes are born, and dreams. The dreams that push us to keep doing what we do, each arduous day after the next. The dreams that make us pursue unrequited love, chase it after every defeat.

These escapes lend comforts of a lover’s arms, a mother’s lap, a father’s proud gaze, in the pursuit of passion, in convenience.

Its the idea of an escape that brings an art to life.

My idea of escape?





I thought that this blog would be about the problems I am facing, that people all over the world face, but then I decided to take the optimistic approach and the article turned out very differently from the one I had imagined earlier in the day.

I have been thinking up many titles like ‘The Two Inevitable Levels’, ‘The Escape’ and ‘Returning To The Roots’; and I have been meaning to upload a blog for a long time but only I couldn’t, because of a lack of sound mind and my absolute failure at coming to a conclusion at this one. My dear readers, I am sorry for being away for so long but I was trying to figure out certain things and now, after almost a week of mild distress (or perhaps intense, I don’t know really) and another week of contemplating, I finally feel I have some solutions for myself. The reason that it took so much time is because the following is not just empty talk but I daresay, I have lived through it.

I will prefer not to be so self-indulgent as to drool at the problems I have been facing and bore you with it (though initially I thought that I would), rather I shall get to the crux of it all.

I thought of the title as ‘The Two Inevitable Levels’ because I have finally figured out that almost all human beings prefer to exist in multiple dimensions out of which two are of prime importance- the ‘superficial’ level and the ‘core’ level. Now, at certain times of your life,you may pretend with all your might that you are happy but you will not be in the state of a bliss and it has nothing to do with excessive or forced laughter but something else. If you’ll pay a little close attention to yourself, you would know whether you are really in the seventh heaven. I mean I did it, and I found that I have not been there for quite some time now. I don’t mean to be the ‘Ultimate Agent’ of the gloomy and the depressed and I, by no means intend to make you one either. All I am saying is that in our heavily predictable mechanical life, we must never stop caring about what we really want and what really makes us happy. I read an article in ‘Times Life’ about feeding our soul and it did give me a huge insight without really caring to get it. I’l tell you what it said a bit later.

I also thought about titling this article ‘The Escape’ because that’s what I thought I was doing. Sometimes what goes around you becomes too much to take in and you might consider escaping the situation. If  the going gets tough and you feel like you have been lassoed and ping-pong balls are being thrown at your knuckles at high speed, you would certainly like nothing more than to run out of the t.t. room. The reason that this might happen is because the turn of events taking place right under your nose (emotional or professional) is not a part of your grand plan or something. As a consequence, you freak out and cry about it or be depressed about it. This was what was happening to me at college but as I promised, I shall not evoke boredom.

See, your mind (or if you prefer, the soul) has got ways of telling you that you are not walking on air even if you want to ignore it and continue living superficially in a superficial world. All you have to do is listen to it closely. For me, the wake-up call came when my room-mate told me that I had been crying aloud in my sleep for a couple of nights. It scared the hell out of me and I fled home to get myself back on track.

This brings us to our next title and our next step, ‘Returning To The Roots’. If you have identified your problem and it’s not the world, it’s you because you are unhappy in your dictated circumstance; then you must be willing to solve it. The best possible way to do that is to take a break and go off in the pursuit of things that delights you and stabilizes you. For me, it would be singing, writing, reading, dancing, travelling, playing, resting, listening to music, watering the plants and being with my loved ones. These activities would feed your soul. Though it might seem that it is not working initially, but if you persevere, you will find that you are healing. They will provide you fulfillment. Believe me, I tell this by experience.

I would love to tell you a short story that I read in ‘The Speaking Tree’. Its a parable from the Chinese Philosopher Chuang Tzu.

“There was a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his own shadow and so displeased with his own footsteps that he determined to get rid of both. The method he hit upon was to run away from them, so he got up and ran, but every time he put his foot down, there was another step, and all this time, his shadow kept up with him too, without the slightest difficulty. Wasn’t he running fast enough? So determined was he that he ran faster and faster without stopping until he dropped dead.

If only he had stepped in the shade, his shadow would have disappeared  and if he had sat down and stayed still, there would have been no more footsteps.”

I want you to draw your own conclusions for the above story but one of the things that I learned through it is that you need not escape the situation no matter how ugly it gets but try to acquire stillness and tranquility in body and mind and have the faith that things will surely fall into place if your heart is pure.

Which brings us to my last and final title. ‘Reconnect’. Reconnect with yourself.

Just take a short break, feed your soul by pursuing those hobbies that takes you on cloud nine, rejuvenate yourself, mull things over, be back into action in the way that you earnestly want and try to protect who you really are (as my friend Dimri always says, “we must never lose ourselves”. I think he fears that we will ruin a perfectly good creation by doing so, after all almost every human is a wonderful creation). If you do not do all this, I guarantee you that you will become emotionally closed-off  and hollow due to high levels of frustration that we face in this fast-paced world. If you know that you are not glowing from within, its your mind’s way of telling you that you really need to work on yourself and establish a deeper friendship with yourself, with your soul. Talk of a big mouth because even I haven’t achieved it fully yet but at least I have found the way. I am trying my level best and hopefully, I would sail through. In fact I am sailing through it right now.

All we have to do is be happy to the core, work up the courage to deal with problems and be intrigued by our own constant personal quest. If the old dream fizzles out, we must find a new dream and chase it with even more vigour and  hopefully then, the gloom will not linger for long. 🙂

Cut The Thread Loose

For a very long time, one thought has been nudging me on and off. I wonder what really is the correct way to be. My friends keep telling me that I am very child-like in all my actions and deeds as I love to sit on stupid rides, play childish games, burst balloons in a birthday party, play with little children, buy small toys in a fair, joke around and fool around, sing aloud, dance awkwardly at awkward moments, wear matching clips in my hair, eat cotton candies, go and watch ‘Ramleela’ (Indian play depicting the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ performed at residential localities) in the dead of the night, jump around, listen to childish music, get really happy at very silly things and even watch animated movies with zeal of a little kid even though I am 19 (my friends could add on a hundred more things for sure). There constant nagging has got me wondering on a much bigger perspective. The big question here is “how much should we listen to our heart?” Its a huge dilemma which I have been trying to solve for months and months but without a conclusion. Perhaps all of you could help?

The question they say is “To be or not to be?”. Mine is with a twist; Its “What to be and what not to be?”

However, my belief has strengthened over time that losing the child in you is definitely not the way to be. Neither is denying yourself simple joys and pleasures or practicing a code of conduct so controlled, it makes you look fake. I can say this with authority because I used to be like this once. My talisman now is, go out, go forth, do your thing, undeterred, unbounded, pursue all that you want to, meet new people, explore new places, rekindle the fire of curiosity, never let that child-like imagination ebb away, search happiness in things both big and small; that is cut the thread loose.

Another fact that I have realized recently is that materialistic gains are nowhere near as important for a human to be happy as much as good, fulfilling and healthy relationships are. So brew up relationships that you can count for life; the more they are, the better it is. Be with people you love and love them beyond words. Tease them, play with them and have all the fun you can. Express yourself. We have just one life, therefore, a single chance to do all that we want to do.

So let go, follow your heart and win over the fear psychosis that has been ingrained into you by the society. Challenge every predetermined rule if you must, challenge every wrong way of social structure and never let it inhibit you, for you alone are the master of your own happiness and therefore you alone must cut the thread loose.

The Aims Of Science, Humanity And Religion

Equipped with the tools of science and technology today, man has the ability to question anything and everything. Through this, what people fail to acknowledge is that the aims and consequences of science, humanity and religion are all the same- the betterment of the self, the betterment of others, the betterment of the world and if possible, the betterment of the entire universe.

Science and religion are moral savior, invented only for convenience and to control the savage tendency of humans in times of crisis. Humanity and science are just a small consequence of the philosophical side of religion as all are entwined together to form an integrated whole; preaching only the good way of life.

In today’s scenario, man has devices at his disposal to deduce the meaning of each religious practice, imbibing only that which is correct and morally acceptable.

Sciences, humanity and religions worldwide, share a common capacity to prove that there exists only one superpower governing us all but subjected to different nomenclature systems.

The real worth of scientific, religious and humanitarian practices is to bring about a wholesome wave of happiness and convenience in everyone’s life. Today, with the aid of scientific temperament, we can become lenient in religious practices emphasizing and insisting only on that which is necessary.

All of the above states just one truth; the aims of science, humanity and religion are all one-  to preach a happy and contented way of life, possessing the capacity to bring about happiness and contentment in others…

My Discourses With Silence

“The deepest river makes least din, the silent soule doth most abound in care” – William Alexander

One of my favorite, my quietest retreat, is indeed, solitude. When I am alone, travelling all by myself, I find a kind of peace I find nowhere else. It is liberating for my soul, my very existence.  In today’s fast paced world, we are being pulled in a hundred different directions. I find retreating to myself as a convenient means to gather myself, to pull myself together. As I am consumed by impeccable silence, I start enjoying the sweet melody of nature.

My friends think I am unusual. They gape at me , wondering what treasures I find when I traverse across the grounds all alone. Its not that I am anti-social; I just enjoy my own company very much. Its then that awe grasps me as I drink through my eyes all the wonder that envelops me- the skies, the trees, the beautiful natural green, that’s when I look at myself, reflected in everything I see. At that time, I find– me. My room mates are amazed when they see me gone (sometimes for a stretch of a few hours) or when they see me alone in my room, sitting  in my favorite corner or lying quietly,eyes slightly unfocused and dreamy; that is when I converse with silence; I converse with myself. I find it a highly engaging and peaceful activity, providing me greater tranquility than writing, perhaps greater than music itself.

I leave my mind free and let it wander to faraway places. I do not put a full stop; I just become a silent observer, my eyes wide open, witnessing the pictures flashing across my mind. I settle into a seemingly easy truce with myself. There, I find reverence, respect and dignity for myself and for others. None of this is done intentionally. I do not practice it consciously. I just slip into that state of mind on my own and when I break that silence at my own leisurely comfort; lo! I find peace, I find myself renewed, I draw greater contentment and strength, I find harmony between myself and all that surrounds my being.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after truth”

My solitude becomes my own spiritual space; my private discourse with silence….