Happy Valentine’s

Sometimes, if you are quite lucky, you will find warmth, the kind you thought you might never get. It will be in the embrace of friendship, in the kiss of care, in the hugs that pour peace into you. It will be in the chatter of friends, in the loud laughs over a silly vampire movie, when your friend cries and asks for your shoulder and yours alone, in certain dirty jokes, in stealing zero-calorie cokes from the refrigerator, in lazying around in negative temperatures, in playing Rocksmith on ps3, in coloured smoke, in learning that you have people who are concerned for you, people who care. It will be in the comfort that you are probably not alone in New York City, in the anticipation that the approaching time will be good.

Happy Valentine’s!

Deep Love


For Shishir, Atharva, Sukanya, Aman, Karan, Hadia, Khanak, Janhvi, Kashish, Akhila :*

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