Happy to complete day1 of the YOS diet.

I had sugarless french roast coffee as breakfast (had to rush for a quiz :p ), ‘raita’ for lunch (not a very big fan of curd asPicsArt_1415765496665 the main dish, but as I had bought it with lots of effort at 7:30 in the morning; I did not waste a single drop of it 😀 ), munched on an apple and had a delicious rice recipe cooked by a close friend who had dropped by and took pity in the effort I will have to put in to cook dinner for myself :p (God Bless Him 😀 ).

I continued with my gym routine albeit I was feeling a bit tired today. Burnt off 400 cals. I also moved on to doing weight training with a total of 20lbs.

Hope I am making progress! Would love your reviews, comments, suggestions and wisdom!

Have a good night folks!


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