Hello runners!

As promised, after mastering the stepping stone, I tried out the ‘stamina challenge’ today. To be very honest, it was indeed ‘CHALLENGING’, specially for someone feeling a little febrile. However, as I am trying to inculcate the habit of pushing a little harder, I just had to go :p

The stamina-podcast of the nhs-choices should not be taken lightly by those who just became couch-2-5k graduates. It will make you run at a much higher speed than you usually do for 35 minutes non-stop. The great thing about the podcast is that it will make you run on the beats which is an absolute delight and keeps you engaged in your entire run.

I am embedding the tool if you want to try. I suggest that you do. It will give you a goal after the couch-2-5k programme, something that you will look forward to master. I will keep updating my progress!

Happy Running!!

Here’s the tool:

Stamina Workout!!


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