c25k+ :D

C25k Community! All hail!

I am simply updating my progress here 😀

For the first time , I tried out the 5k+ stepping stone program after completing the C25k program a week back or so.  This podcast is loads better, a lot more interesting and fun to run with. So all those who are still pursuing the c25k program can get really happy that they have a lot to look forward to after they become c25k graduates. As a matter of fact, once you complete the challenge, you will find many very entertaining options. Once I tried to run while listening John F. Kennedy’ Accepting the Democratic Nomination… Trust me, its not going to happen again. Running with the beat is fun and engaging and the idea of beats per minute is pretty cool. Although on some days, when you are on a high, you might feel the tempo to be a bit slow because I literally had to limit my speed to move with the beat.

Planning to try out the “speed” workout pretty soon. Will post the updates! I am embedding the tool if you want to have a go. 😀

Keep running!! 😀



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