My C-to-5K Success Story

Today is a day of an extraordinary achievement for me!

I completed the Couch-to-5k running plan successfully (I had started somewhere in July)!

Till the age of ten, I had been a very athletic child but somehow I lost the quality until I resolved that I must bring back what was good. I searched online and found the nhs choices couch to 5k plan… There are many others, some aim for 8 weeks, some for 9. I completed mine in 8.

Now I jog for 5 km everyday and it acts as a great energy booster. 2-3 months before, I could not have imagined myself running that distance but I finally did it. They are right when they say that perseverance and hard work pays off. I recommend it to anybody and everybody looking for an enhanced level of fitness. Your throughput will increase considerably and you will perform better at work. Trust me, I speak through personal experience.

You might find the initial stages and the ending sessions a bit relentless but it’s all worth it. Somewhere in week 5, I had to jog in the sun and I suffered a brutal migraine attack and crashed to the ground, got hospitalized half an hour later and received 2 injections. 2 days later, I was back on the road and completed that same run during which I had blacked out. It provided me a very unique sense of achievement, victory and satisfaction.

Now, after 8 weeks or so, I am proud of all that I did to achieve the fitness I have today. I intend to continue it and maybe stretch to 10km runs during the end of the year. To celebrate this achievement, I am going to stuff my tummy with as much chicken curry as possible tonight or tomorrow at lunch B-)

I am embedding the link of the plan and also 2 inspiring videos to keep you upbeat in case you try to adopt it into your daily routine (I saw them daily to push myself. They are great!).

The plan is not daunting at all; just three runs a week, designed with an understanding of the limitations of even the most rudimentary beginners. It starts with the most basic 60 seconds jog and before you know it, by the end of week 9, you are running for 30 minutes nonstop pretty comfortably.

You can download the podcasts and Laura will guide you through the whole plan (which reminds me, I must express my gratitude to Laura. Thanks a ton!!) It matters not whether you are an adolescent or a mother of teenagers, if you want the agility of your childhood back and as long as a Doctor has not proscribed you to cardio exercises, I strongly recommend that you all should give it a go, not for anybody else, but for yourself…

Couch-to-5k plan

Great videos which you should watch daily..I know I did πŸ˜€



10 thoughts on “My C-to-5K Success Story

  1. Congratulations! I’m in the process. Somewhere around week 5 I injured my ankle and after resting I’m starting over, but never stopping. Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep on going.

    • Hey Janet
      I hope you recover soon. If you injured yourself during the run, chances are that you are running on a very hard surface.. a new pair of trainers is a good solution.
      All the very best! I know you’ll keep going! At the end of the plan you’d feel great and thoroughly self-motivated πŸ˜€
      Do keep posting your progress…
      Waiting to read your success story soon!

  2. I am now finishing my 3rd week of the couch to 5k plan. So far its going good. Congrats on finishing yours!! I have never enjoyed running but I am hoping this program will help me get into it

    • Dear friend..
      Thank you very much.. and trust me, if you keep going, it will become addictive by the time the plan ends… You wont be able to stay without it.. I can’t and I didn’t enjoy running very much either.. I preferred to play games.. But things are different now!!
      All the best!!
      Keep going πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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