Love, Victory, Forever

What makes a movie tick? Or perhaps makes a novel as addictive as an obsessive drug? What are those abstract intangible things that humans would persistently strive to acquire, cherish and consume? What are the essential ingredients that would make the readers and viewers’ tongues loll out but would also strike deep reverence and admiration in their eyes and when the experience is, unfortunately, over; make them draw inspiration from it for the rest of their lives?Victory

It is simple. I think, the pivotal ingredients are three- to be loved beyond measure, to hold your integrity and honour in the toughest of times known to the face of the earth and still manage to emerge although bloody and wounded, but righteously victorious and; to betray time, to make these astral feelings last for immortality. Allow me to be a skeptic and label these as “particularly hard-to-get” and “romantic”. However, the truth is that even though most people are convinced that they are unachievable, we still sweat to get just an inch closer to them everyday. Only this can explain the popularity of  ‘The Twilight Series’, for it harnesses the  “forever” and “generally inconceivable love” very cleverly; or The Harry Potter series (a curious mix of extreme human emotions, love, courage and victory), The lord Of the Rings, P.S. I love You, Armageddon, The Matrix Series, the works of Charles Dickens, Steven Speilberg… The list goes on but I think I made my point.

do_you_really_want_immortality_by_chryssalis-d30m221Small traces of these feelings keep us alive, make us move and most often then not, become the reason of our very existence.
To see greatness rise from the common, to see superhuman feats being achieved by people from amongst us, fire us and, make us believe in the worth of this life. To see compassion and love hitherto not-at-all-pragmatic in today’s scenario stir the deepest recesses of our heart and make us hopeful that we might receive it someday too. However, an unusual truth is that the consequent and subsequent of these ‘three’ is fundamentally, passion.

Seriousness apart, and well, child-like enthusiasm in, I know these things do not follow a logical trail but still draw us, maybe as fleece are drawn to the dogs or the sunflower to the sun. It can both be a burden, something to shun as the ascetics do, or something to be enjoyed tremendously. For all of us who are firmly addicted to the shackles of this mundane yet alluring world, creating and living this romance of love and victory is all we want to do every day. We do get a choice, either to renounce or to embrace. The tragedy of our world, of commoners like us, is that we are generally able to do neither. Love-Addiction_0

So this April, I say, PICK A SIDE. TIME is daring you to. Take a side that defines you. For even though some of us may get lucky and get our romance but I am sure that we are not going to get it forever!!


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