The Intertwined Threads Of Life

She was standing tall near the ivory fountain of her magnificent garden, breathing in the beauty of colours, and nature’s miracles she loved so much; the green, velvet grass under her bare feet; the smell of daffodils and roses mixed with the scent of wet soil filling up the air and, the occasional chirps of tiny little birds in harmony with the sploshing sounds from the fountain under a vast but cloudy sky. She cherished the moment, its every component; and she cherished holding the hand of her beloved, tickling it lightly, as she took in everything she possibly could. They looked at each other and found home in each other’s caring eyes. As she breathed in, jubilation caught her, rendering her spirits anew.

She firmed the grip on her husband’s hand out of love and moved closer to the basin of the fountain to study her own reflection. Her face was wrinkled just a bit, her hair turning grey from the sides. She did not repent it; rather, she smiled as she marveled where she was. She remembered amusingly that in her late teens and early twenties she could not even have imagined herself in grey hair. She closed her rather sparkling eyes and consequentially, dug into the memories of her past on her own…

Coming Up Next- (Episode-1) Expectations


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