“When you smiled, you had my undivided attention, when you laughed, you had my urge to laugh with you, when you cried, you had my urge to hold you and when you said you loved me, you had my heart forever”… Every girl dreams that someday, her Mr. Perfect will say something like this. Doesn’t she?

Friends and foes, ladies and gentlemen, men and women, single boys and single girls; I hate to break this to you but Valentine’s Day really is around the corner. To all the committed folks out there and to all the married couples, I offer my heartfelt congratulations, to all those expecting to get proposals from their lovey-doveies or are going fishing, I say “good luck”, and for those who are eternally and terminally single, I say “read on”…

Listen up single girls and guys, the day is not your S.A.D.  (Single Awareness day) as some might say. Don’t be gloomy if you were not on the Cupid’s hit-list this time. Whenever I walk into the market, I see shops laden with love cards for cutie-pies and sweetums, cuddly teddies, maybelline hampers, mushy toys, romantic books and  movies depicting romantically perfect moments that will make you cry. Well,I have cried my bit whilst watching ‘Dear John’, or any other movie for that matter. I cry like a baby when I watch movies, no big deal.

Anyway, I hear my single friends complaining that it’s all about corporations trying to fool people up and trick them into buying pretty stuff for their better-halves. They say they can literally hear ‘Archies’ howling “BUY ME”. I read on the internet about boyfriend’s complaining that even though February 14 has no brewing on their relationships but they must pretend to be extra-attracted to their girlfriends that day. (Funny, isn’t it?)

People, if Valentine’s Day is not that big a deal to you, then stop cribbing about it. If it is, enjoy it with your beau. Either way, just chill!

Victor Hugo said “life’s greatest pleasure is to be convinced that we are loved”. I always thought he was a clever man.

All singles hail! Don’t ignore Valentine’s Day,don’t bypass it, enjoy it. I definitely will for it’s my mum and dad’s anniversary this February 14th and I am going to enjoy it with all my single-friends in college…

P.S. Your’s truly was watching ‘Runaway Bride’ while writing the above piece and did her best not to get carried away with the flow…



  1. I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t feel good, being in a relationship, but that excitement has the same nature as that of a child with a new toy. It wears off with time and brings you down from your high with a not-so-gentle bump. So, to those who have the fortune of being single, don’t crib. Be grateful that you haven’t yet been subjected to the mental tortures associated with such commitments.
    Yours truly,
    A voice of experience

    • Ahem Ahem Sunny… A voice of experience?
      Any relationship is true only when the love does not wear-off ever but keeps going stronger and takes you high… In a fairy-tale setting, there are no mental tortures.. But i have no idea whether all romantic relationships really are fairy-tales.. As I always say, I have zero experience in these matters.. Single or not.. As you say, be grateful… Love life.. 😀

      • Well sunny is a voice of experience. Life rarely happens like in fairy tales. For example a prince charming in fairy tales doesnt have to lug around 15 kilos of books and sit in a class of 9 hrs. If he had done that, i am sure he wouldn’t have been half as charming at the end of the day. 😉

  2. well i never found eutopian love stories interesting…because i truly feel imperfections in a relationship adds to the flavour! 😛
    it kills monotony and keeps it going.
    on another note i even do not enjoy the concept of valentine’s day!
    i believe that each day spent with the one you love is as special 🙂

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