Now, I am starting to understand two things very distantly related- The first being why my father refers to his college days as “The Golden Period” and the second being what they mean when they say “The worst of experiences opens your eyes to the ugliest of truths and also brings out the best in some people.

For the past one and a half week, my mind has been relentlessly churning out endless thoughts and feelings; some of them are so foreign a concept to me, it feels like I am meeting a whole new girl when I talk to myself.

They say “Ruin is the road to transformation”… My situation was not so bad. I just got hospitalized for two days on account of severe food-poisoning. 4 bottles of glucose were dripped down through my veins, I kept vomitting and had 8 injections punched mercilessly through my butt; all in a power-pack of 2-3 days. I know people have suffered far, far worse, but for a 19-year old kiddo far from home and having semester exams starting just within 5 days, this sure was a big deal. I have never been this ill as far as I can stretch my not-so-efficient memory; and now that I am finally coming out of it, I am heavily surprized at what it’s done to me. Not physically, but emotionally.

My two day stint at the hospital had put my branchmates in a crisis mode because of a few mistakes they had committed unintentionally but it opened their eyes to a fairly promising prospect of togetherness and now we are closer, like we used to be in our first year at college when none of us used to be busy with the various societies that we serve, taking each other’s responsibility and valuing and cherishing each other all the more. Its brought out the best in them, and in me too.

A few really close friends and some exceptionally close V.S.M. seniors were right there beside me from dusk till dawn,firm-footed, making me stronger all the time. They kept cracking silly jokes at the hospital making me laugh so hard that the needle in my hand used to twitch. Not a day has passed since then that I have’nt thanked God for sending all these wonderful people all around me. I never could have dreamt that I affect so many people and I am ever so grateful to everyone who was there or who wasn’t.

I dont want to elaborate on “the ugliest of truths” part mentioned above. I am trying to put it all behind me.

As for me? I never knew I could be so calm and patient, for these were certainly not my forte a few years back. Back at school, I was not much emotionally dependent on my friends. My family’s love used to be enough for me and I never yearned for anything beyond it. Even now when I attend parties back  home, I prefer to stand quietly beside my Mum and Dad rather than roam around with my friends not so far away. I was a family girl with a lot of friends. Friends with whom I played, I swam, I sang, I worked but hardly depended emotionally. So, I was in for quite a shock when I learned during my rough last week, that slowly and unconsciously, over the past one and a half year, I had vested some special powers in some special people. I realized I had given my friends the power to twist my feelings. They can make me ecstatic and they can make me cry, they can make me really happy or deppressingly gloomy, they can make me soar high in the sky and ground me well enough too, showing all the different colours, dark and light, dull and bright on this huge canvas of life.

I feel much more now. I am behaving a bit maturely. I have developed more love and respect for some people. I have learned to forgive and forget far too easily. I am finally understanding the real worth of some relationships, I am discovering and enjoying a whole new me that I never thought existed. I feel I have become a better person. Thanks to the communion with this unknown girl, the new-found me.

Dedicated to: Ishita Lohia, Niharika Chandra, Palak Chadha, Madhudeep Petwal, Abhilash Goyal, Vaibhav Dimri, Kritika Aggarwal, Gaurav Pande, Neha Bisht, Gaurav Raj Chauhan, Kinshi Garg, Shruti Aggarwal, Deepika, Kavita Balutia, Lakshya Daksh, Gaurav Papnai Sir, Gaurav Pant Sir, Mamta Rautela Ma’am, Harish Khatik Sir, Amit Burman Sir, Tanuja Jhukaria Ma’am and Ankit Sir.

I am just saying thank you 🙂

Merry Christmas !!!!



  1. life is continuous process of learning….and it depends on ourself or on the impact of the experiences to transform or not…..i believe every single experience of our life,tries to realize us something,something which is already within us…it just need an impact of realization…..its good that you realizing……..

    • Yeah.. The impact was pretty big and I am making modifications accordingly, in the best possible way.. I seriously hope that this realization lasts; for it has changed me for the better i believe… If I can hold onto it and not resort to my former self, then it would be great.. Thanks for everything GP…
      Take Care..

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