Cut The Thread Loose

For a very long time, one thought has been nudging me on and off. I wonder what really is the correct way to be. My friends keep telling me that I am very child-like in all my actions and deeds as I love to sit on stupid rides, play childish games, burst balloons in a birthday party, play with little children, buy small toys in a fair, joke around and fool around, sing aloud, dance awkwardly at awkward moments, wear matching clips in my hair, eat cotton candies, go and watch ‘Ramleela’ (Indian play depicting the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ performed at residential localities) in the dead of the night, jump around, listen to childish music, get really happy at very silly things and even watch animated movies with zeal of a little kid even though I am 19 (my friends could add on a hundred more things for sure). There constant nagging has got me wondering on a much bigger perspective. The big question here is “how much should we listen to our heart?” Its a huge dilemma which I have been trying to solve for months and months but without a conclusion. Perhaps all of you could help?

The question they say is “To be or not to be?”. Mine is with a twist; Its “What to be and what not to be?”

However, my belief has strengthened over time that losing the child in you is definitely not the way to be. Neither is denying yourself simple joys and pleasures or practicing a code of conduct so controlled, it makes you look fake. I can say this with authority because I used to be like this once. My talisman now is, go out, go forth, do your thing, undeterred, unbounded, pursue all that you want to, meet new people, explore new places, rekindle the fire of curiosity, never let that child-like imagination ebb away, search happiness in things both big and small; that is cut the thread loose.

Another fact that I have realized recently is that materialistic gains are nowhere near as important for a human to be happy as much as good, fulfilling and healthy relationships are. So brew up relationships that you can count for life; the more they are, the better it is. Be with people you love and love them beyond words. Tease them, play with them and have all the fun you can. Express yourself. We have just one life, therefore, a single chance to do all that we want to do.

So let go, follow your heart and win over the fear psychosis that has been ingrained into you by the society. Challenge every predetermined rule if you must, challenge every wrong way of social structure and never let it inhibit you, for you alone are the master of your own happiness and therefore you alone must cut the thread loose.


34 thoughts on “Cut The Thread Loose

  1. i believe in this only and yet will regard it as ambiguous. the finding yourself part is also not false,our basic traits,our physical features and our families, these were not selected (“created”) by us, everything in our life is not controlled by us.i would conclude that life is about finding ourselves(‘finding out our traits,opportunities and potential’) as well as creating ourselves(‘utilizing what we have to become what we want to’).

    • yeah.. as the saying goes.. “you cant choose your neighbor”.. or as you would like “your family” and sure, certain things are beyond our control but most things are.. and it would be best if we could twist it and bend it for our own benefit and for the benefits of others… 🙂

  2. uff aisa lag raha hai ki extempore me part le liya.i hope aur elaborate karne ki zaroorat nahi hai,you are smart.i believe in this statement as my belief removes all negative thoughts about life,its a trait of mine which was not created by me but was developed in me by various events of my life.hey friends lets have an applause for our celebrity member Ms. Snigdha Srivastava the author of learnerspen

    • Yeah.. and its an extraordinary trait too.. Your comment about the extempore reminded me of the good old days when we used to compete against each other in elocution and declamations.. ahehe 🙂 those were great times.. and Thank You Very Much for the Applause.. Its got me really high 😀 Hope to see u again 🙂

  3. nice one dear ,quite insightful , you are a mature girl but to do such childish things is okey its not necessary to be mature all the time ,it also shows you are good at heart,one thing ill praise you for that you have drawn a conclusion on how you should behave because in life according to the situation you have to choose either of the two sides of a road ,means you need to make doubt free conscience,its the most necessary thing,live life to the fullest but strive for wisdom just not happiness.

  4. I think you should be what ever your heart desires, but what you do is not WHO you are, and you should strive for happiness and silliness and a life. Don’t live regretting the things you could have done, live regarding the things you have done with a peaceful heart knowing you couldn’t have done more. Don’t grow up too fast, or really try to not grow up at all. It will be very helpful someday when you have children.

    • Thanks Megan.. That indeed is a great advice.. I will try not to grow up too fast.. and I will try to give my best so that I can live regarding the things I have done because those are the only things I can appreciate with a true heart… Thank you very much.. Keep in touch 😀

  5. I won’t help u in drawing d conclusion- coz as per my philosophy of living, I like to do that be the same with u…

    About “creating”- depends on what u like to think…a statue carved out from a rock can be said to be hidden in the rock; it was ‘discovered’ by chiselling out the unnecessary stuff OR….. u could say that it was ‘created’ by the sculptor. I prefer the former.

    Lastly, with all the good intentions, a question back at u….CAN U or.. DO U DARE TO FOLLOW UR OWN NOBLE WORDS ABOVE?
    “Whatever it is…to be or not to be….do u at least dare to BE?”

    Grt going!

    • I was just eager to learn other people’s opinions and then I would conclude myself.. This is my philosophy too..

      However while you prefer to discover the statue, I prefer to create it.. for me, the discovery part ends when I discover the rock, when I find it; however what I do with it (chisel it out for the better or otherwise) is creation; its pure creativity and nothing else…

      and yes sir.. I sure dare to BE.. and I believe I have come a long way at that and I will continue on that lighted path for sure…

      MY big question was however “How much should you listen to your heart when your heart yearns for things completely different and diametrically opposite?”..

      Anyway.. thanks for your regards and thanks for dropping by at Learner’s Pen.. 😀

  6. Awesome yr!!!
    You have given me food for thought..
    There is a great blend of maturity and child like enthusiasm in your writings!!
    Please maintain it, its quite rare!!!

  7. hey snigdha……really nice ya…nd i thnk dis is a ques many of us mite cum across…bt definitely 1 shud never lose d child inside us….!! dats a vry imp part of us…:) nd it makes u wat u r… u r jus gr8 as u r…nd d chil in u is really swt….keep goin..;)

  8. it’s refreshing to have a free thinker who writes uninhibited by what people think…….i.e. Who is nt a people-pleaser….

  9. what to be????

    One should be whatever one is happy being. Everything we do, every single act of ours in life is an effort towards achieving happiness…in one way or another……some find it in money, some in philanthropy……and still others in their various areas of interests…

    What not to be?

    That is subjective. Depends on the view the person holds of the world.

  10. You have a right to perform your prescribed action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be associated to not doing your duty.

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