New Age Love

I, luckily, live in the corner most room on the top floor of my hostel which means that all the girls circle around my room chit-chatting with their boyfriends for hours as the corridor in front of my room provides both privacy and hard-to-catch mobile signals.

Due to my inability to do some constructive work the other day, I started staring outside my door at the entertaining scene beyond and my mind started to chase a train of thought that I initially thought was utterly useless. It was something like this….

Relationships today, base themselves and blossom upon the new age phenomenon of Facebook, message chats and prepaid mobile services which consequentially lead to night time calling vouchers, call rate discounts and what not but it is all a part of make-believe virtual world where reality is long gone by.

The truth is that the kind of intimacy that two people can experience just after a few meets, it can never come through even a thousand message chats  or talking over the phone for three to four hours each day.

I see my friends confused about what kind of relationship they really have. Its difficult now to decide upon what true love is.

In yester years, lovers didn’t talk much but experienced eternal love; they experienced eternal joy in just a few moments of togetherness. Today, short message services are far easier than beautiful dialogues. I am, believe it or not, a believer of this old school kind of love. The thing that I have noticed in everybody is that the so called gen X does not surrender itself to its feelings and emotions and hence fail to experience the wondrous magic of deep love and attachment that comes from it. True love is slowly dying, it seems.

Practicality has become the new antonym of love in recent times.

I also fail to understand why today’s youth pays so much heed to Facebook (which is a huge culprit in bringing about this new kind of romance). Just a few minutes ago, my room-mate was complaining in her typical tone “This guy is sending me friend requests again and again, all from different accounts; this friend did not comment on my photo, that’s really bad; I got 25 likes on my recent picture”. Youth is so engrossed in the activities on their “wall” that they forget to live and love in the actual world. Love is care, contentment, wonder and growth; all entwined together to become a unique and satisfying feeling radiating infinite happiness and joy.

I really wish to witness at least one example of that old school romance here in my college where there is ever-pursuing eagerness and surprises, that display of toothy, broad grin on catching just a glimpse of the one you love and a couple that compliments and completes each other both emotionally and intellectually. These things were a commonplace once but are now seldom seen in this fast world of break-ups and patch-ups.

Welcome to the new era of virtual world and virtual relationships!!

Please note: Yours truly has been single all her life, thus she writes without much experience… 😉


22 thoughts on “New Age Love

  1. I love this post! You are so right! I can’t help but think about this right now because people are constantly playing games and advertising themselves and they forget to just be themselves. Allow the magic to happen. Allow the conversation to flow. Allow emotion instead of their mind have control over them. It’s what we call “movie love” these days. I really hope for my sake that its not a dead form of expression.

    • Thank you very much Megan… I really hope that its not a dead form of expression too, for my own sake and that of my would-be boyfriend 😉 … Thanks for visiting Learner’s Pen.. Hope to see you again 😀

  2. Good post, but I think facebook and instant chats have there place in life. But you are right they can never replace connecting in real life.
    I guess its up to the individual to express their own priorities.

  3. I miss the way high school romances used to be, staring at a girl from afar, and if you had to be friends with her, you would actually be friends, you would not have to act like a creep by sending an fb friend request.
    On another note, nice work.

  4. awesm……u got a very nice grip on ur literature stuff…way of expression is just like it knocks somewhere tick tock and asks question “:what about you?”….hahahaa……..keep it up……gud 1

  5. fantastic one Snigdha.. nice to see your views on love. I totally agree to it. Life needs to be changed by ourselves. i heard a quote from my grand ma ” ek ke piche ek to bhed chaal hoti hai,.. sher apna rasta khud banate hain” … keep going girl.. i believe u’ll reach the heights soon.. 🙂 god bless u

  6. Sorry , you got it in the wrong way Snigdha…….i was not asking u any question…….after reading the article the question knocked in my mind…………that Isn’t the same case wid me nd even wid every youth now a days…..fb fever….etc etc….people are afraid of the real world they luv the imaginary one……everything is loosing its value even romance in the real sense…….keep writing.. 🙂

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