INDIAN SOAPS – Better be flushed down the toilets rather than shown on the TV

All hail! It is the menace of the k-factor haunting the polite middle class families of every nook and corner of India. There are those class of people who fret and feel nauseated even if they catch a glimpse of these Indian soaps and then there are those who follow them with religious dedication. It is as if women are addicted to it.

People, I will give you solid reasons as to why these mainstream commercial Indian soap operas are disgusting. They target the ladies at home and show their plight onto the television as if its one of the biggest issues in the universe and women have to wage war, generally against their in-laws and do not show something through which they can move on and get a life. Almost all Indian soaps contain zero content boasting a nonsense plot (mostly joint families making war with each other and amongst themselves), have a huge heap of emotional crap, showcases sets, families and relations totally blown out of proportion, has thick layer of pancakes and ugly make-up slapped onto the faces of actors and actresses alike who are then accessorized in cheap and unusual ways, have characters who are reborn every so often that even dedicated followers lose count, contains that endless echoing melancholic tune played again and again after each dialogue and the excessive and pathetic zoom-ins and zoom-outs from bad photographic angles on not-so-photogenic faces accompanied by noisy drum-rolls done just to emphasize a stupid point.

If its not this, then it is a shamelessly copied version (“inspired” in “their” words) of any popular American sitcom reproduced in an uncreative manner which is initially attractive but then turns out to be a flop show and a total fiasco.

So a squeezed conclusion would be that the mainstream commercial Indian television soap operas are perfectly dispensable (for the greater good of our own society) and a must-don’t-watch for anyone looking for a better use of their time.


16 thoughts on “INDIAN SOAPS – Better be flushed down the toilets rather than shown on the TV

  1. well…television industry has emerged as a business stuff in the recent years… it has tried to reach up to the level of big screen worldwide… Call it a means of time waste but it does influence people (regarding genuine social issues)… its all on your perception…..
    neways a nyc attempt πŸ˜€

    • Yes it is business, no doubt about that and it commands a huge audience, this can’t be denied as well but the fact is the social issue that is portrayed in the soap is not discussed as much in a mediocre household as the dialogues exchanged between the protagonists and the real reasons that those issues are not discussed is primarily because those serials fail to influence the mind that way due to ineffective presentation of thoughts. What we perceive depends on what we see which in turn depends on what the director wants his audience to think. So it all comes down to what has been written above….

  2. let me tell u first dat its not that much easy to be an editor of a daily soap… a proper qualification is required to get into it…so the crap is actually logical ( that crap holds a graduate degree)…. The story portrays what the audience demands…after all it is their means of survival…. and as far as MEDIA is concerned for confusing the mob, not only daily soaps but even the news channels are resonsible for it…again i wud lyk to say that it depends upon u, how u react or adapt from the tube… we people only apprieciate and at the same side criticise too….
    (frankly speaking i dun find them sensible either, but knowledge can be extracted from anything, everywhere)…:D:)

    • yeah.. that’s true.. but that graduate degree is not being used to create much sense onto the television and yeah.. it IS indeed your choice as to what you want to see but some people whose choice would coincide with mine will not find much fun in Indian TV.. That is why American sitcoms and soaps like friends, how i met your mother, castle, white collar, prison break etc are such a craze among Indian youth.. Only if we could find that appealing an episodic series here, it would be great… and yeah… its very very true.. knowledge surely CAN be extracted from anything anywhere… πŸ˜€

    • The real reason that i am so furious is because I was sick with jaundice for two months and was bedridden and whenever I switched on the television, I found nothing to watch on Indian channels… All that I could do with my TV was to watch a good Hollywood movie whenever it came and watch Castle and White Collar at 10 pm on Starworld..

  3. Nicely written. It is not the fault of entertainment industry. When they get audience for such type of soap operas, why they should bother to show something which needs more creativity, more money, more intelligence , good actors etc…It is a well known fact that one opts for the path which has least resistance. So as long as there is audience for such soap operas we’ll get them…….
    Very well written , keep it up

    • Yeah.. That is indeed true but the audience cannot develop a better taste in entertainment unless they are first treated to a better episodic series… The average audience must get options and variations to choose from.. Sadly, that is not provided in the Indian Television much…
      Thanks papa πŸ™‚

  4. great job of revealing the nuts of daily soaps………..i truly agree with what bharat sir said…..from our generations point of view what i thought is that tv serials or media works for raising thier gdp…now human sentiments doesnt matters a lot to them……they shows you a crippeled person lyk if his tormancy is nothng more but a menace to him.he himself finally realised tht y he hd punished……what media earns is a gdp from jst a couple of our sentiments for tht person…nd if u talk abt other stuffs,you can easily realise y such daily soap oparas are created…….ths is the cruel truth

  5. What you say is one side of a multi faceted object. There are many others. Yes, mostly soap operas are dispensable but they are also responsible(believe it or not) for some good (these are often ignored by the critics) things. An example of which would be the awareness they create among the masses. You call wars among families crap. It might not pertain to issues of national importance but it does go on to show what kind of mentality breeds in an uneducated mind.
    You kno wat, most people know they suck but still stick to them with a zeal unseen because for them, it might be the only way to wind down aftr a hectic n stressful day.

    • It is indeed a multifaceted object.. What I have expressed here though is what I feel about these operas.. and what you say is true as well… Thanks for dropping by sunny.. Do come again πŸ˜€

  6. impeccably worded Snigdha. But “Demand and supply” go hand in hand. you would not deny when I tell you these housewives who are the audience of these shows, generally lack glamour, drama or for that matter the dreamy existence, in their own lives and this is their only chance of escapism. They haven’t seen the world as we do, they have never had the freedom as we have. However mind numbingly frustrating it might be for u.
    But what is true here is that we are at zero creativity, these things can definitely be showed in positive light of our social infrastructure.
    great piece once again, i must say. Well done.

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