College Fashion

Fashion literally means the style of dressing or behaving that is most popular at the time. My friend says she indulges in fashion whenever she gets time (a little funny).

Fashion exists in everyday life. It does not necessarily mean the way you style up your physical self but the manner of your existence, your habits, interests and perceptions.

Fashion in colleges are, however, very unique. In mine, unlike many others (and funnily enough), there is a fashion of agriculture; of studies and researches, laptops, movies and games, fully occupied libraries (because of the geeks and the lovebirds), a fashion of following the trend setters in the third and final years, a craze of musical bands, dancers, singers, seniors and achievers; rickshaws and bicycles; conspicuous absence of apparel fashion, gaping hole of girly make-up and “dude” boys (here, most probably, everyday simplicity is beauty), fashion of belonging to a bureau or society and our very own fashionable dish (pantnagarian style) – “the chhola-samosa”.

Every university, including mine, is a different detached world, buzzing and brimming with its own youthful energy, own predictions, own ways, own trends, cultures and traditions, own aims, compulsions, rules and patterns, revolts and resentments, love and crushes, studies, drugs, relations, friends, own inspirations, own awe, own coincidences, own markets, niche, own dreams, small wishes, happy places, “cool” hangouts, class cliques and acquaintances, own college stars and fans, mockers and dedicated followers- a hot and spicy broth of all of it. Every student has to drink it sooner or later. Its a spell under which everyone falls for sure.

Its a world of our own and we are proud to belong to it.


11 thoughts on “College Fashion

  1. Nice and lively article!!!
    n u chose an interesting topic.
    U have very nicely portrayed a different meaning of the word “Fashion”!!

  2. hey solemly true…incipiently it felt so out of place,but now dat i have taken to it,i enjoy every instance,sitting 4-5 on a rickshaw,our typical words,like”tashan”,”bhasad “,”faadu”,njoying pp,bc,riding bicycles ,n buying d coolest one of dem n feeling lyk as if v wr on a limousine,stupid roads,celebratng frndshp day jst lyk v did ystrday by stndng outsyd big mo’s,yelling in d hstl lyk a full on ganwar,i
    njoy evry damn grain of it…luv ya all….

    • yeah… “seek and ye shall find happiness”, we have learned to love the place we initially hated 😀 … all that you said above, they have taken a special place in our lives and have turned into an undeniable habit.. 😀

  3. this was perhaps a refuge from the usual perspective that probably everyone has about fashion……. really simple and subtle yet out of the box….. 🙂

  4. The way u defined fashion as a local attribute of a specific college … It is very gud .
    In-fact actually fashion is a confined word . It is bounded by boundaries , local territories and even by the rope of time !!!!!!!
    My mother used to tell me …. in south wearing a sari in her times was considered as being fashionable , on the other hand , up in north wearing jean and top was fashion .

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