22 dead, more than 130 injured. Yet, politicians call it a low level attack. It could be because of the fact that though in microcosm, it is the devastation of around 150 families; in macrocosm, the number is too less compared to the over-all population of India. Human life’s worth is much less here, it seems.

Media shouts that its another intelligence fiasco, people shout that its a gaping hole in the government’s will-power, Mr. Chidambaram says that it was not an intel failure and Usmania dies mysteriously whilst still in custody. The aftermath of every terrorist strike is the same: an agitated crowd venting their anger at politicians through the media, politicians sloshing mud at each other and after all this charade, no concrete action taken and then again, within a few months, we have another terrorist attack upon us.

The truth, no matter how ugly it might sound, is that the buck does not stop with the political servants alone. It lies with us too. If people unite and engage with the system well, there is hope for a better future. In India, there are systems in place, there are laws and acts (wth loopholes,yes), but they are enough to start us working.

If we concentrate at the bigger picture, it is we, who are making the government and the system weak; through bribery, through shortcuts, by cutting deals with the official system for our own end perhaps to circle around an existing law; in short, corruption.

Magnanimity has lost its way in the Indian soceity. So has patriotism and honesty. The root of all of it is a highly corrupt and inefficient system of which we are guilty. A total rectification of attitude in every walk of life is required to bring about an influential change. Only if honesty and belongingness prevail, can we dream of security for everyone. Otherwise, these things will continue unhindered.



  1. these lines wont help baby…
    now its time to go ahead and get into thew mud of politics and clean it..
    but the indians wont speak until their families get into trouble…
    but still i have hope and that is why i am working forward for a steeping stone to clean the dirt and secure the future of our nation which we call our motherland “INDIA”

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