Happy Birthday Learner’s Pen

I created Learner’s Pen with just three ideas in my mind: to share with the world what I have to say; to satiate my own thirst to write; and to bring about an influential wave of positiveness and improvement in society.

I grew up reading J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle,Β had a group of friends holding secret meetings complete with passwords inspired from The Secret Seven and The Famous Five, maintained a diary and even tried to write a book calledΒ “About” when I was twelve.

However, slowly I got caught up and forgot how much joy I drew from writing. Then, one fine day, a friend gifted me with a beautiful diary and I felt a sudden, compelling urge to start writing again. It was then that I relived those happy moments of childhood.

That very day, I decided that I would start blogging again and so, a few months later, Learner’s Pen was born.


40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Learner’s Pen

  1. Wishing all the best to learner’s pen. Hope to see many fabulous creative and inspiring blogs written beautifully on this page. Wishing you all the best again…

    • Thanks a ton papa. Please do keep guiding me from time to time. I’ll always be eager to learn your view point and critique on this blog and will try my best to shower all my creativity onto this blog. Thank you very much πŸ˜€

  2. love the selection of words you made to give expression to your thoughts and ideas. the best part about the blog is that it isn’t written either in the SMS lingo or in Hinglish. keep up the great work. looking forward to reading many more of such pieces. God bless you! And all the very best sweety.

    Juhi DI

  3. it is an obvious and expected work from you…
    keep up this spirit and continue your passion for writing….
    waitin for ur nxt article…

  4. Dear Snigdha,
    I am your Papa’s batchmate at Roorkee. Must appreciate your thoughts & the contents. Keep it up Beta.
    Rajesh Maheshwari

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